Submitted by Vern Dillon

     On July 19th, work began at 4:15am to prepare for an exciting back-to-school shopping spree for 102 children from Aynesworth, Heaton, Lane, Leavenworth, and Winchell Elementary Schools.  Volunteers from EFK (27 members and 12 wives), Caruthers (2 members), Fresno (5 members), McLane Key Club (5 members), and The Volunteer Bureau (11 volunteers), along with teachers, parents, and The Hmong Club of Fresno State enjoyed 19 dozen donuts (donated by EFK/Mervyns) and two full coffee urns (donated by Starbucks).  The children happily filled their bags with new clothes and shoes, and on exiting, were given backpacks, school supplies, and a treat of McDonalds sausage biscuits, hash browns (donated by EFK/McDonalds) and juice or water (donated by EFK member Jeff Berry).  The children could also journey out to meet three motorcycle police officers for a photo session with them.