Written by an Anonymous Writer (Dated 12-24-76)


And then there were four!  In May 1960, the “three“ decided to conceive an addition.  Fresno, Mid‑Valley, and North Fresno created the fledgling East Fresno.  And so it all came about.  The “mid-wives” that extracted were Clarence Johnson and Charlton Standiford (Fresno Club), Arch Anderson (North Fresno Club), and Lieutenant Governor Joe Murphy.  To hold the newborn comfortably in her arms and to serve it was the nurse, Helen Miller who has been mothering our gang ever since.  Like many litters, some of the newborn slipped away and disappeared.  Of the original thirty five, only, Len Bathurst, Bill Donleavy, John O’Rorke and Cal Wise survive today.


As to the christening party, it has proved difficult to secure details.  We know ladies were present and with dignitaries present decorum reigned.  Interviews with our four remaining charter members, they were unanimous in saying this dignity lasted about a year before the club hung loose and became the hell raiser that it is today.

                                         THE EAST FRESNO KIWANIS CLUB

The concept and idea of an East Fresno Kiwanis Club was originated by the members of the Fresno Kiwanis Club while Alfred Appling was the President and Archie Anderson was the President of the North Fresno Club and Julian Stenstrom was the President of the Mid Valley Kiwanis Club.   This formation of a club in East Fresno was to give an opportunity of business people that lived and worked in the eastern part of Fresno to be able to have a Kiwanis Club of their own.   This concept took place during the Kiwanis Year of 1959-1960 and the club was formed on May 6, 1960 with 22 members signing the intent in becoming a Kiwanis Club through Kiwanis International, which at that time was in Chicago, Illinois, where the Kiwanis National Headquarters was located.   The club’s first officers were as follows:
President: John O’Rorke, Vice President: Dr. William Henry, Secretary: Dr. Calvin Wise
Treasurer: Robert Bozarth
Jack Chappell, Dr. Leonard Bathurst, Don Hill, Dr. Max Kimberly, George Pope, Nelson Waters and  Thomas Mott.
The Clubs’ Charter Night and Installation Banquet was held on Thursday, June 16, 1960 at the Cedar Lanes Bowl at 7:30 PM.   The East Fresno Kiwanis Club produced a newsletter called the HI-KI and that name has been used ever since and is still the current name of the newsletter that is published weekly.  The first issue of the newsletter was dated September 22, 1960 and was listed as Volume I, No. 1.   The official charter of the club was issued on May 6, 1960.   The primary goal of those early officers of the East Fresno Kiwanis Club of Fresno, California was to achieve a membership goal of 40 members.  Their membership growth was to be based on having good speakers and good food at their meetings.




                                                                   By Bill Febuary, Historian


It was written that three clubs were the sponsoring clubs for an inspiration that was conceived by several men who wanted to start a Kiwanis Club in the eastern part of Fresno and through their efforts they started the club known as East Fresno.  No additional part of that name was added until later on, whereas it is now known as the East Fresno Kiwanis Club.  The charter shows East Fresno, California, which was adopted and signed by the International President, the International Secretary, and the Cal-Nev-Ha District Governor on May 6, 1960 , with 22 members signing the charter. 


The first action taken by this new club was the enactment of membership dues to be collected from each member in the amount of $10.00.  The then local Treasurer of the new club was Robert G. Bozarth, with a signing date of May 6, 1960.


The New Club presented a motion in the acceptance of bylaws and was signed by Acting Secretary Calvin Wise on May 6, 1960.  This document declared a number of motions, which declared a meeting place, the annual dues, membership fee, territorial limits for members to join, and the final name of the club for reference, which was the Kiwanis Club of East Fresno.  All these motions were combined into the final By-Laws for the club and were signed by the Acting Secretary.


The New Club’s Charter Night was held on June 16, 1960, at 7:30 PM at Cedar Lanes Bowl in Fresno, California with the acknowledgement of the sponsoring clubs being present.  They were the Fresno Kiwanis Club, the North Fresno Kiwanis Club, and the Mid‑Valley Kiwanis Club.


The first President’s Progress Report of New Kiwanis Club of East Fresno was submitted to the District by the New President, John C. O’Rorke, with 35 members designated at the time of the report.  The first Official Minutes of the New Club were reported on at their July 5, 1960, Board Meeting, where all the details of the club and what would be presented at each meeting were discussed.