EFK and Charis Community Aktion Club had a joint meeting and appreciation luncheon.  Chef Leroi Vannucchi barbequed chicken and trip-tip.  EFK President Patricia Kuckenbaker and Aktion Club President Rachel Schellenberg opened the meeting.  Mark Wiens led our song, Jesus Loves Me, and Mike Mighaaccio led the flag salute.  Brian Sturgeon gave the prayer.   Fine Master Aktion Club Vice President Karen Kyle fined those for never attending an Aktion Club meeting, not wearing a Kiwanis pin, and being a Past President of EFK. 





     While Beth and Brian told the following stories, several members of the Aktion club walked around showing pictures of each phase of their projects. 

After EFK decided to sponsor the Aktion Club, the Aktion Club decided to build a sports court as their big project.  Jim Kochheiser and former EFK member Marty Gault were instrumental in helping prepare the area for the basketball court.  They then decided to build a fence to secure the court area and separate the court from the parking lot.  Herb Schwartz was responsible for hauling materials for the fence.  After the fencing project, they wanted to make it pretty with landscaping.  Vern Dillon and Robert Kolstad were instrumental with helping with the landscaping and drip irritation.  George Whitman and Chuck Shaheen were responsible for the next project of buying and installing bleachers.  The picnic tables and an awning over the bleachers were then installed.  The storage shed was painted by the Aktion Club members..  Their next big project might be lights around the court.  All the above named individuals were presented with certificates of recognition and Aktion club pins making them honorary members of the Aktion Club.   CCMRS has a house on Huntington Blvd. and the two apartment complexes at Charis Community.  Since most of the members live in the apartment complexes, they decided to call their club, Charis Community Aktion Club.  “Charis” means grace in Greek.  


Patricia was presented with a certificate of appreciation for her presentation at one of their meetings about her plans, hopes, and dreams for her year as president.  Howard also presented a certificate of appreciation to EFK for all their hard work and support..


     Greg Mason presented $727.89 to Aktion Club Treasurer Linda Martin for their share of the raffle at this year’s Crab Feed. 

Vern Dillon also presented five bicycles, helmets, and locks to the Aktion Club.  Howard will be the official driver trainer. 






     Patricia and Rachel adjourned the meeting