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Foster Grandparents 2008
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Valerie Davis went to the Foster Grandparents Luncheon in September that honored them.  During that luncheon, they gave everyone $1.00 and told him or her to invest it in a charity of their choice.  Valerie took that $1.00, increased it to a $100.00 check, and presented it to EFK Treasurer Greg Mason.  

 Valerie defined the words:  “Foster Grandparents”
          Foster-to bring up, to rear, to cultivate, to nurture, to encourage, to promote, or to help to grow or develop
          Grand-large, impressive in size
          Parent-father/mother, guardian, or protector

     Every moment the Foster Grandparents sit down with our children, they are nurturing, encouraging, and cultivating their great sense of self-worth.  Statistics will show that when there is an appropriate adult in a child’s life, they will have a 75% chance to make the right choice.  Valerie thanked the Foster Grandparents for protecting, guarding, and providing nurturing to our children.  EFK thanks the Foster Grandparents for their helpfulness, understanding hearts, and tireless selfless time they give to so many of our children.  Vickie Lopes and Kathlene Brookshire introduced each one of the 78 Foster Grandparents.  

Helping Hands
She extends a hand and touches a heart.
She lends a hand and shares a road.
They hold hands and a story unfolds.
We join hands and a change is going to come,
One for all, and all for one
A gentle hand soothes and approves
A strong hand guides and groves
Unified hands can move a mountain
Helping hands can make a miracle
Partnership creates prosperity for everyone

   Grandma Rosie first volunteered at Marjorie Mason Center, then went to Juvenile Hall, and worked 15 years for Probation.  The boys respected her and were nice to her.  She was selected as the Volunteer of the Year for the entire City of Fresno.  
Grandma Mary enjoys working at Juvenile Hall.  She tells the kids to stay away from drugs and that they can get a job and be proud of themselves.  They respect her. 

     Grandpa Rod read a letter from a Grandma Jean who works at the Auberry Elementary School and was not able to be here today.  Her letter typifies so much of the value, acceptance, and compassion that they all share.  This past winter, Grandma Jean and Grandpa Rod put on a chess tournament at the Auberry Public Library.  Grandma Jean coordinated a bus for 52 students from Sierra Elementary and Foothill Middle School.  She had parents to help with scoring.  Every participant stayed in until the very end of the tournament and played everyone at least once.  Chess improves behavior and provides motivation and a vehicle to succeed in other areas as well.