EFK Celebrates 50 Years of Community Service

President Richard opened the meeting at our 50th Anniversary Party on June 12, 2010, at Sunnyside Banquet and Catering.  He actually had his bell and gavel!  We had about 150 members and guests in attendance. 

Valerie Davis sang as Charter member Cal Wise led our song, God Bless America, and Charter member Bill Donleavey led the pledge to the greatest flag and country in the world.  Charter member Len Bathurst gave an inspiring invocation. 

Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Past Distinguished President Chuck Shaheen, introduced Cal-Nev-Ha Governor Elect Tom Millham, Lt. Gov. David Pinuelas, and Immediate Past Cal-Nev-Ha Governor Greg Mason, President Elect David Kimball from the Fresno Kiwanis Club, and Supervisor Debbie Poochigian and her husband ChuckDebbie presented EFK with a resolution from the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.  There were also interclubs from the Clovis and Fresno Club. 

President Richard awarded Charter members Len Bathurst, Cal Wise, and Bill Donleavey with Legion of Honor 50-year service awards for being charter and current members of EFK.  President Richard also presented an Honorary EFK Membership to John O’Rourke, EFK’s first president. 

Chuck Shaheen narrated a trip down history lane, interspersed with and performances by Sonny and Cher, YMCA, MC Hammer, the Macarena, and the Fresno Rapper.

First Ladies Past Presidents Patricia Kuckenbaker and Janice Mathurin presented flowers to our first EFK lady, Denise Allshouse, for “getting us in the door”.

Immediate Past Governor Greg Mason presented Vern Dillon with a Distinguished Lt. Governor award and a replacement ruby pin, with the admonishment – “Don’t lose this one.” 

Special thanks to Anniversary Party Chairman Patricia Kuckenbaker: Charlie Fosnaugh, Len Bathurst, Cal Wise, and Bill Febuary for their work on the superb program book; Frank Telaro (video); and Howard Jackson, Greg Mason, Christina Quinonez, Patrick Balakian, and Chuck Shaheen

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